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    I like a lot of different styles of painting. I have had an active interest in art for the past few years, and my tastes are still evolving as I learn and live with my growing collection. I do not collect as an investment but for the fun of it and to feed my enjoyment for doing research and learning. Here are some of my favorites. By the way, I am NOT the wildlife artist of the same name.

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Canadian Artists

                Sorsdahl        Timothy Sorsdahl        Timothy Sorsdahl       

unnamed, Timothy Sorsdahl, 12" x 12", acrylic on stretched canvas

    These small paintings are by Canadian artist Timothy Sorsdahl. I bought these about ten years ago, and had them on my web site before I broke it up into pages organized by state or country of the artist. I deprecated the old site with the intention of adding these to my Canadian artists page, but they got lost in the reorganization. Finally where they belong! Tim has an artist's statement here and a web site here. I am a color junkie, so these definitely scratched my itch when I added them to my collection. I am certain that they were titled, but I don't recall what they were called. "Bonsai" was a popular part the titles of many paintings, so guessing these are part of his bonsai series.

Punter by cottage

"Punter by cottage", L. S. Heap, 10" x 12", oil, 1944   

    Leonard Sydney Heap was born on 16 June 1909 in Barnoldswick, Yorkshire England, a son of Leonard Heap and Florence Emily Heap (nee Whitehouse). His father was employed as a coal miner and in a mill in England, and as a machinist in Canada. The Heaps lived in the Parish of Salterforth, moved to Leeds c. 1923 and emigrated to Canada in 1924. They traveled on the Montcalm Cunnard Lines, landing in Montreal, and eventually moved to Toronto where Leonard spent the rest of his life. He married and had one daughter. Leonard worked in retail starting at Eaton's in Toronto as a parceller when his family first came to Canada and then spent most of his career with Tamblyn Drugs, starting in 1927, working in their advertising and graphic arts department, again in Toronto.
    Heap attended Coventry where he won a scholarship to attend art school in 1922. In Leeds he took evening classes at Brudenell Technical School studying Mechanical Drafting (1923-24), and attended Greenwood Technical Evening School where he studied Commercial Art and Advertising Layout and Design.
    This painting is signed "oil painting by Leonard S. Heap, 1944" verso. There are several auction records for Leonard's paintings dated from the 1940s through the 1960s. He is not listed in any art reference book.
    Leonard Heap died circa 1979. Much of the information  above comes from Heap's nephew.

Heap signature

Heap signature


unnamed, Jennette Stuebing, 9.25" x 14", watercolor

    Jennette Elizabeth Stuebing was born about 1901 on St. Joseph's Island, Canada, a daughter of William Henry and Jessie Thompson Stuebing. She and her sister, Margaret visited Bermuda in August 1929 and their ship docked in New York City upon their return. Both Margaret and Jennette gave their occupations as "teacher" and residence as Jarvis, Canada. The purpose of their visit to Bermuda was not stated, but was likely a vacation. Jennette worked as a teacher in Hamilton, Ontario from 1922-1939 at Prince of Wales Public School and later at W. H. Ballard School. She started seriously studying art in the early 1930s, initially with John Beatty, a well known Ontario artist. She traveled and painted in oils for the following three summers and asked Beatty to critique her work after her return at the end of each summer. In the winters she practiced dry point etching under the tutelage of Leonard Hutchinson.She became well known for her dry point work and was made an associate of the Canadian Painters-Etchers and Engravers in the mid-1930s. She exhibited at the Canadian Society of Graphic art and the Canadian National Exhibition. She moved to Taxco, Mexico in 1939 and in 1940 married a Taxco silversmith named Rafael Dominguez. Rafael was the son of a silversmith and student of both his father and well known Taxco silversmith William Spratling. Jennette changed her name to Juana and became a highly regarded artist in Taxco. The Dominguez's shared a studio in Taxco.  Stuebing/Dominguez is mentioned in Climbing the Cold White Peaks: A Survey of Artists in and From Hamilton 1910-1950 by Stuart MacCualg, Visions and victories: 10 Canadian women artists, 1914-1945 by Natalie Luckyj, and in Stuffed Shirts in Taxco by Leslie C. de Figueroa.
    Jennette was still living into her eighties.



unnamed , Radek Vizina, 20" x 30", oil

    Radek Vizina is a painter who lives in London, Ontario, Canada. He is an instructor at The ARTS Project in London and for the continuing education program at the University of Western Ontario. He was profiled in the September issue of Artscape a monthly London art magazine. His art varies from abstract to surreal to realism. He describes himself as primarily a contemporary realist who is still searching for his voice. He strives to "provoke thought in the viewer, have them question what is being said". That is what attracted me to this painting.


"Near Mont Gabriel in Laurentians, Que.", Fred Mancuso, 4.5" x 5.5", watercolor

    Fred Mancuso was a Canadian artist who worked in Mississauga, Ontario. He was married to Agnes Mary Chinery, also an artist and a graduate of the Ontario College of Art, Toronto and also of Beaux Arts, Montreal. This suggests that Mr. Mancuso may also  have been a formally trained artist. Information about him is scarce, however, and I found only two mentions of him, one of he and Agnes in a scrapbook in the Mississauga Library and the other in the 2005 obituary of his wife. She had remarried to a Mr. John Cosgrove and Mr. Mancuso is described as deceased at the time of her death in Hantsport, Nova Scotia. Mr. Mancuso died some time before February 2005. I am still researching this artist. Written on the back of the painting in the artist's hand is the "title" listed above and the further description, "from East to West Canada in full Color come fall", and a label with the artist's name and city. A further notation may be the artist's catalog number or merely a part number for the frame used.
    I  was able to locate the daughter of Fred and Agnes Mancuso, using information from Agnes' obituary, and spoke with her on the telephone. She agreed to consider providing biographical information about her father for my records and this web site and sent me one email requesting specifics about my request, but did not contact me again. I remain hopeful that she will provide further information about her father's life and career as an artist.




"Back of Not---(illegible) Glacier", Thomas Mower Martin RCA, 8" x 10.25", watercolor

    Thomas Mower Martin was born in London, England on 5 October 1838. He came to Canada in 1862 where he became one of Canada's early prominent artists, founding member of the Ontario Art Union, the Ontario Society of Artists, the Royal Canadian Academy of Arts, and founder and first president of the Ontario School of Art. He is the first Canadian represented in my collection and is going to be a tough act to follow. I was quite lucky to get this painting, probably because it has a couple of condition problems, which I believe can be corrected. In the mean time I am happy to be able to care for this painting until it can reach it's potential. More on TMM's biography later, after I have had time to go through all of the information available for this artist.


Signature and title from this painting.


Mr. Thomas Mower Martin

    Here are some artists whose work I really like but have not yet added to my collection:

    Michael McKee      Michael does beautiful work with pastels.


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