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    I like a lot of different styles of painting. I have had an active interest in art for the past few years, and my tastes are still evolving as I learn and live with my growing collection. I do not collect as an investment but for the fun of it and to feed my enjoyment for doing research and learning. Here are some of my favorites. By the way, I am NOT the wildlife artist of the same name.

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South American Artists

Weytingh painting

unnamed, Dulce Maria Weytingh, 16" x 12", oil, 1964

    Dulce Maria Weytingh was born on 18 July 1909 in Corumba, Brazil, a daughter of Henri Egbert Weytingh and Maria da Gloria Rodriquez Coeho. She married Carmello Calabria about 1930. Dulce was an oil painter. She also worked as an actress in the 1930s and was in the cast of at least one movie with well known actress Carmen Miranda.

Dulce Maria Weytingh

Dulce Maria Weytingh as a young woman

    Dulce worked as an artist in Brazil for many years. Her grandson believes he remembers the painting in my collection from his childhood. He confirmed that the signature matches those from other of her works.

                example of Weytingh's work

Another example of Weytingh's work

    Since there is little information about this artist, I am including examples of her work not in my collection. Little of her work probably exists outside of Brazil. The family is not sure how the painting in my collection made its way to the US.

Later image of Weytingh

Later image of Weytingh

    Though primarily an oil painter, the painting above does not appear to be an oil, but perhaps a watercolor or colored pencil drawing. Hard to say for sure from this image.
    The date of Dulce's death is not known, but was after 1964.

Weytingh signature

Weytingh signature

Eumelia Bravo "La Calle"

"La Calle", Eumelia Bravo, 11" x 14", oil

    Eumelia Bravo Herrera is an art professor at the School of Fine Arts in Cordoba, Argentina. I have found few mentions of her, so far. I will update her biography as I discover more information about her. Bravo served on the jury of the 2006 Second National Exhibition in Cordoba. This painting was pictured in a Cordoba newspaper article about an artist group of which Eumelia was a member. I purchased this painting from a seller in Los Angeles, CA.

                Bravo signature

Eumelia Bravo signature


unnamed, D. Silva?, 9" x 13", watercolor

    The signature on this painting is difficult to decipher, but to me appears to be D. Silvy or D. Silva. This is obviously the work of a professional artist, probably produced for the tourist trade. The is a notation inked on the back of the frame that says "Purchased in Sao Paola, Brazil, 1962". Probably supposed to be Sao Paolo. I think this painting is quite striking and compares favorably to the painting by Reinaldo Manzke, shown below. There does appear to be a similarity in style between the two. I wonder if this style was popular in Brazil in the 1960s?  This painting was one of a pair offered on ebay in early 2009. The seller's images sucked (technical term) and I was not able to tell how nice this was until I received it. Sorry I did not bid on the other painting, now. Probably from an estate sale. Ana Dora, whose work is shown below, graciously offered to see if she could find out anything about this artist. It is a happy coincidence that she also lives in Sao Paolo.



Artist: Ana Dora
Series title: Waterlily Field (Nymphea)
Year: 2009
Medium: Etching in 2 cooper plates PLUS painted with watercolor
Image measures: 7.8 x 3.8 in (19,8 x 9,8 cm)[each plate: 3.8x3.8 in]
Paper measures: 9.8 x 10.2 in (27 x 18 cm)
Signature: In the right lower margin
Edition number: Monotype
Paper: Hahnemühle 230 g on Duplicolor 180g black

    Ana Dora  has been a professional artist since 1973. She lives and works in Sao Paolo, Brazil and exhibits her work throughout South America. Her descriptions on ebay of her work are are so precise, that I am including them on my web site. She notes that each print is produced by her on her own hand press. Very cool. She also explains the mechanics of each process that she uses. Her work is unique and created with great attention to quality and detail. Her ebay id is ana.dora.


Artist: Ana Dora
Series title: Samurai
Year: 2008
Medium: etching/aquatint/collage (chine colle)
Image measures: 7 x 7 in (17,9 x 17,7 cm)
Paper measures: 11.8 x 10.4 in (30 x 26,5 cm)
Signature: pencil signature in the right lower margin
Edition number: P/A (Artist Proof in the lower left margin)
Paper: Hahnemühle 300g sand and Moriki 25g

    I like the colors in the Samurai, but also the fact that it leaves so much to the imagination and interpretation of the viewer. I also like the mixture of several mediums. This piece has a lot of depth.


Artist: Ana Dora
Series title: Light Tree
Year: 2009
Medium: burin/etching/aquatint PLUS painted with watercolor
Image measures: 8.3 x 6.5 in (21,6 x 16,4 cm)
Paper measures: 13.2 x 11.4 in (33,5 x 29 cm)
Edition number: Monotype
Paper: Hanemuller 230g on Vivaldi 180g black.

   This one reminds of Easter, sort of an Easter egg hunt in a tree. The contrasting colors are what first attracted me to this one. Next I was struck by the character of the gnarled tree trunk. There is probably a children's story in this painting. I really like her work,  but her packing was not great. The three items above were purchased separately and each arrived with some damage as a result.


unnamed, Leo(?) Gaind(?), 12.75" x 9.75", watercolor

    I have not been able to identify the artist of this whimsical Peruvian scene, yet. At least my guess is Peru. I wonder if similar scenes might not be found in other parts of what once was the Inca empire in Ecuador and Bolivia? I did find a few images of similarly dressed women in street scenes of Cuzco, Peru using Google Images. There were also similarly constructed balconies in some of these images. The buildings in this painting certainly give the impression that they are built on the ruins of Inca foundations. I am including an image of the signature below. Probably for the tourist trade. I like the whimsy, color, and artist's use of shadow and blowing snow in this painting. Nicely done scene of a cold, breezy winter morning in the narrow city streets of a South American city. I'd appreciate an help in identifying this artist.



unnamed, Reinaldo Manzke, 7.5" x 11", gouache

    Reinaldo Manzke was born in Santa Catarina, Brazil in 1906 and died in Brazil in 1980. He was a well known Brazilian artist. He received many awards for his work. His first training as an artist was in the convent of Saint Antonio in Blumenau, under professor of drawing and painting Frei Genésio Hansen O.F.M. He later studied in São Paulo and Rio De Janeiro, dedicating himself especially to the medium of watercolor. His first individual exposition was in São Paulo, in 1939, repeating in 1945/46/48. He was awarded prizes by the National Museum of Fine Arts of Rio De Janeiro and by the government of São Paulo. Some information indicates that he may have sold his work directly to tourists in the hotels of Rio de Janeiro accounting for the fact that his art can be found fairly easily in the United States. He is mentioned in Painters of Brazil by Teodoro Braga and Davenport's Art Reference and Price Guide. Despite the fact that his work is very well done, it does not sell for great amounts in the US, so far.

    Here are some artists whose work I really like but have not yet added to my collection:

    Michael McKee      Michael does beautiful work with pastels.


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